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Take the first steps towards growing new skills. These taster workshops show you how different aspects of self-development could help grow your business…

Liza Goddard – discover how to highlight your strengths and zoom out of your weaknesses when presenting on film or stage.

Steve Gaskin – how to get the best out of your marketing with the limited resources of a small business.

Joe Gregory – find out how to get the reputation you need to command higher fees and industry respect.

Mark Wentworth – the secrets of how colour, timbre and tone impacts our day to day lives and our business profiles.

Liza Goddard

Camera Confidence & Presentation Perfection

Much-loved television star and all round performance expert Liza Goddard’s international career began in 1967 when she starred in Skippy the Bush Kangaroo. She made her first major impact on the British small screen in 1969 with the award winning Take Three Girls and went on to star in the BBC’s successful Bergerac. She was also a central character in the Emmy Award winning and long running Children’s television series Woof.

Liza’s other television credits include The Brothers, Brendon Chase, Pig in the Middle (three series), Give Us A Clue and Roll Over Beethoven with Nigel Planner (two series). Other appearances include Yes, Honestly, Wodehouse Playhouse, Queen of a Distant Country, Murder at the Wedding, That’s Love and Take Three Women. She also co-starred with Ben Kingsley in Shostakovich, and with Richard Burton in Wagner. He theatrical credits would fill this whole page. A much loved actress who is still treading the boards in shows around the country she is perfectly placed to pass on some of her experiences and knowledge to you during this workshop.

Liza has trained with the best and knows all the tricks of the trade when it comes to presenting on stage and screen. She will be sharing with you:

  • Powerful Presenting – The art of holding the stage and engaging your audience
  • Speak Up – With the growing dependence on microphones, voice projection is a dying art but Liza will share with you why it’s a skill that everyone should master and how you can do it too
  • Confidence – How to steal the show and speak with confidence (even when you don’t feel it)


Steve Gaskin

The Marketing Revolution…..Are you getting your slice!?

Steve Gaskin is the Managing Director of Right Angle Corporate Ltd & The London Team Building Company. The firm specialises in team building, conferences, meetings and events.

Steve was a senior police officer at New Scotland Yard more than 25 years.  As a detective, he undertook serious criminal investigations (murder and terrorist activities), specialising in drugs, money laundering and serious major incidents.

In 2007 he took this broad range of skills, setting up Right Angle with business partner, Kate Gaskin, to establish Right Angle.

In 2015, the company won the coveted “Team Building Event of the Year”. The company are also finalists in the international events industry gold standard-Eventex 2017 for the “best product launch of 2016”.

Steve is obsessed with different marketing methods, that don’t cost a fortune for small and medium enterprises. He is currently writing a book with his wife called “Partners in crime-From Policing to Profit”

Steve’s team have been most successful in the last 24 months due to their marketing pursuits. “The Marketing Revolution…..Are you getting your slice!” will be a great 60 minute, interactive event, teaching you all their best tips to grow your business including:

  • What’s happening in the world of marketing?
  • How to get the best from your marketing
  • What can bite you!
  • Myths and legends
  • The smart marketeer
  • Take away the Marketeer’s Guide to the Stars

Joe Gregory

Instant Authority – 5 Vital Triggers To Rapidly Increase Your Impact, Income and Influence

Why do some entrepreneurs attract new business effortlessly while others struggle for every client?

What separates the best-paid experts in your industry from the ones barely scraping by?

How come some people quietly cherry-pick the best opportunities while others shout but still get ignored?

Is it really possible to raise your profile, increase your fees and become an authority without pumping time and money into marketing, qualifications and PR?

The answer is YES!

Having helped over 400 entrepreneurs to plan, write and publish books that instantly increase their authority, Joe Gregory will share the 5 things they’ve mastered so that, you too, can…

  • Attract and impress your perfect clients
  • Raise your fees to earn what you’re worth
  • Make your intangible expertise more tangible and valuable
  • Convert more sales and win more business
  • Claim your place as the leading authority in your marketplace

Mark Wentworth

What’s Your Colour Story?

Are you a creative Violet leader or a go-getting independent Red?

Knowing your Colour Profile means the difference between forcing yourself to become someone you are not and developing the richness that you already are. Knowing your Colour Profile enables you to live the life you were born to live and to do the work your were born to do.

Colour Profiling (CP) is a unique method of translating and understanding an individual, a business, or a team through the language of colour. It brings out natural strengths, highlights possible challenges and reveals latent potentials.

A CP potently integrates colour with archetypal and transpersonal psychology. Imagine building and working with a team knowing that you are utilising and helping to bring out the best of the best from each person. Imagine how it would be to define and fine-tune your business for optimum success by strategically and simply aligning it to its most advantageous archetypal colour story.

Acting upon and implementing our Colour Story makes us not just storytellers but pioneering Story-doers!

In this interactive workshop Mark will share with you:

  • What’s your colour – Understanding and using your colour for success.
  • Colour talks – How to use colour for effective communication and team building.
  • Creating a Colour Story – How to align your colour story with your business colour story.

Colour Specialist Mark Wentworth has 30 years of experience and study in the world of colour and personal development. He has been and continues to be invited worldwide to share his colour knowledge and wisdom; he has been featured in international newspapers, magazines as well as numerous TV shows including Good House Keeping, Livetime, Lorraine Kelly and Manchester United Television. He has provided colour advice for individuals as well as small and large companies, which have included companies involved with finance and insurance, and hospitals and day clinics dealing with health and well-being. Mark is also the founder of Colour for Life, a life-style business offering designs for living and personal discovery journeys He is the creator of Colour Psychodynamics a pioneering method integrating and uniting the world of colour with archetypal and transpersonal psychology enabling people to become and live the life they were born to live. 

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