A Inspirational Morning

Nothing is more inspirational than listening to passionate experts speak about their beliefs. Get that motivational uplift from our following four speakers during the day…

Alex Emmerson – explores your personal beliefs and asks whether your goals are aligned with the rhythms of your heart.

Sophie Jewry – our very own Queen of Brand gives you her secrets and tips to help you create a brand that your customers will simply adore.

Ruby McGuire – the Visibility Diva shows how you can create sincere and fabulous content without having to continually sell your soul.

Sarah Anne Lucas AKA Bird on a Bike – shows how a fun, fit and healthy lifestyle forms the springboard of your life and business success.

Julia and JP De Villiers will be sharing with us their peak performance rituals which keep them motivated daily.

Alex Emmerson

Dream It – The RAS and the 6 Human Needs

Alex Emmerson is a wife, mum of 4 boys, professional singer and speaker. Born and raised in Catania, Sicily, she moved to Norwich at the age of 18 to do a Modern Languages Degree. In 1998, after graduating, she met Matt Emmerson, a professional musician and business man, they fell in love, got married and the rest, as they say, is history.Alex is what’s known as “a creative activator”  – she makes stuff happen.
Matt and Alex now run the successful Invidia Voices – The Rock & Soul Choir and Beat Connection, their own band. Alex also continues to regularly give talks to business people and entrepreneurs on the subjects of goal setting, belief systems and inter-personal relationships.

In her highly successful and fascinating talk, Alex will share with you

  • The secrets of the human belief system and how it’s formed
  • How your RAS affects your life and how you can use this to your advantage
  • Our 6 Human Needs and how you can use them in strategic goal setting
  • Your Human Needs Hierarchy, your dominant need and your life purpose

Are you aware that you have an incredible radar at your disposal? The RAS is there to point out for you all the right information, connections and business opportunities every second of every day. But have you programmed it correctly?

In this talk, you will find out how to reprogram your RAS to your personal and business advantage. Do you know who you are and what you desire at your very core? Are you tired of setting the goals you think you should set? Do you keep setting the same goals every 1 st January and falling off the wagon 2 weeks into the new year? Or are you reaching all your goals and still feeling unfulfilled?

You might be setting the wrong goals according to your dominant human need. If you value contribution over certainty for example, but your goals are mainly financially based, you will always feel a void, like you are travelling in the wrong direction. Come and find out what the right goals for YOU are, and how you can feel more fulfilled and make your business more successful simply by aligning yourself with your dominant need.

Alex will also explain what your 6 universal human needs are, how to check in with yourself and make sure you are meeting these needs in constructive rather than destructive ways and how concentrating on your top 2 dominant needs can change the direction of your life, your destiny and your sense of fulfilment.

Sophie Jewry

Create It – Make Your Dreams A Reality

Since 2003, Sophie Jewry, AKA ‘The Queen of Brand’ and head honcho at LadiesThatPlan, has helped thousands of women in business create an awesome brand, be more productive and achieve a better work life balance. Sophie, an award-winning entrepreneur, has launched and run 3 successful businesses, all while being a full time mum. She was blessed with a daughter at just 19 so knows exactly how hard getting the work/life juggling act right can be. An advocate of continuous personal development, Sophie applies leading edge techniques to help others make a healthy income from a business they love while enjoying a better quality of life.

Sophie is the creator of the Ultimate Diary Planner and Minerva Notebook (among others), she is ever so slightly obsessed with planning and stationery and loves nothing better than helping others achieve their business goals.

Sophie will be sharing with you

  • Ready, Set, Go – How to create and launch your business plan 
  • Brand Your Business – The most important elements you need to create a strong brand identity
  • Be The Queen – How you can find your niche and create loyal customers and raving fans

Ruby McGuire

Promote It – Rock Your Fabulous Biz!

Ruby McGuire, Visibility Diva, aka Queen of Connection, works with Solopreneurs helping them to rock their visibility in their business both on and offline.

She says she’s an introvert, so understands what it’s like when you know you need to be more visible in your business, but let’s be honest it’s doesn’t feel completely natural or comfortable.

She encourages her clients to share their businesses in a quietly fabulous way, without feeling as though they’re over promoting ourselves.

She teaches her clients how to connect with their passion, their dreamie clients and their message, and helps them to be more confident by working on their fears and doubts, and putting the business basics (i.e. niching, pricing, packaging, and marketing tools) in place to launch and grow their businesses.

She’s a self-confessed vanilla coffee addict, she says preferably cappuccino please!  Married to her soul mate, she’s a Mum of a 17 year old daughter and two grown-up stepdaughters.  She lives in Berkshire, UK, with their little dog, Lulu and her daughter’s hamster, Luna!

The more professional bit… Prior to Coaching, she worked in HR for 11 years with her last role, as Head of HR, that encompassed all aspects including training, recruitment and employment law.  You may have seen her work in the International Coaching News Magazine, Inspired Coach Magazine and she heads up the Business Support Section of Invenio Magazine, plus writes various guest posts/articles on a regular basis.  She’s a Co-Author of Awaken Your True Potential and runs a weekly podcast show called Rock Your Fabulous Biz.

One thing Ruby is passionate about is helping people to create content for their businesses.

In her 45-minute interactive talk, she’s going to be teaching you lots of fabulous strategies to create killer content without selling out your soul.

Bird On A Bike

Live It – It’s Never About The Fitness

Sarah-Anne Lucas…. ‘aka’ Bird is a Mumma to the 3 most extraordinary little/big people. She is an author, writer, international speaker, radio presenter, businesswoman and Ironman. Bird lives and breaths supporting you to believe in the health of your lives. Birdonabike specialises in supporting women move from their ‘Had Enough’ moment to peak performance in their lives. This always reflects in their business. Their energy levels are like never felt before, their love for themselves is reborn and their relationships within their environment flourish. Bird is reverse engineering how you feel about your responsibility to be healthy. Health is boring, that’s what you tell me and the health of the nation reflects that.

“It’s Never About The Fitness” beautifully shows you that you are so much more than just fitness, it’s never about the fitness! It’s your thoughts, your feelings, your energy levels, your love of your environment. You are your business. Without supporting and loving the body you find yourself in, your business will fail. Fact. In fact from the thousands of clients to interviewing the most successful business owners, there is one factor that runs through the heart of your business, your why, your life. You do what you do for family.

Her live radio show “The Conversation” has made the business world transparent. You do what you do for family. The hours you work, for family. The business stress endured, for family. The daily fatigue, for family. Therefore, what you do on a daily basis matters. It more than matters it is vital to your business success but more importantly to you, it matters to your values, to your family.

Bird will create a love affair with you in 45 minutes.

  • You will laugh You will resist You will action
  • You will have an abundance of energy felt like never before on a daily basis by investing in simple daily tweaks to your life.
  • You will fulfil your needs for you, your family, and become your children’s inspiration.

Julia Cameron & Jean Pierre De Villiers

How To Win Your Morning & Life

Julia is a lifestyle and wellness blogger and jewellery designer. Julia’s stunning jewellery collection has been created to remind people to practice gratitude every day, to give women an experience and make them feel like a goddess.

Julia loves all things health, wellness, spirituality, travel, art, empowerment and inspiration. She exercises her passions through her blog, social media channels, jewellery lines, lifestyle tips and the health and fitness retreats.

Jean-Pierre, or JP as he is known, is a Peak Performance Coach, International Speaker and best selling Author who teaches people how to become the best version of themselves so they can have more energy, confidence, freedom and success to genuinely live an extraordinary life.

As a couple they work together running transformational events and retreats all over the world. Julia and JP will be sharing with us their peak performance rituals which keep them motivated daily.

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