Escape the Plateau – Jump on the Springboard to Success

Friday 19th May – America Square, London

This event will spark and ignite your own personal potential…
Isn’t it time you took the leap?

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Feel that your business could use a boost? Want to recover that vital energy you felt when you started out? Need to do something different, but you’re not sure what? 

Join up with over 200 other ladies and make new friends, form new business connections and prepare to break through your limiting beliefs with smiles and laughter at this Springboard To Success event.

You’ll receive 3 or 4 diamonds of information to implement in your business – which will turn into the stepping stones of your future success… It will be the event of the year with everyone ready to rock their business and be the very best they can be…

Taking place across a whole day, you’ll welcome the incisive insights of our public speakers in the morning session. During Lunchtime, you’ll kick back, converse, share views, interests and advice with other attendees. Round the day off with workshops, giving you a taste of how you could further grow your talents.

Strong Messages

Nothing is more inspirational than listening to passionate experts speak about their beliefs. Get that motivational uplift from our following four speakers during the day.


Join up with over 100 others and make new friends, form new business connections and during lunchtime kick back, converse, share views, interests and advice with other attendees.

Grow and Learn

Take the first steps towards growing new skills. These taster workshops show you how different aspects of self-development could help grow your business.

Business is not meant to be boring – live a little, learn a lot – but most importantly have an awesome time…

Strong Messages From Our Speakers

Alex Emmerson – explores your personal beliefs and asks whether your goals are aligned with the rhythms of your heart.
Sophie Jewry – our very own Queen of Brand gives you her secrets and tips to help you create a brand that your customers will simply adore.
Ruby McGuire – the Visibility Diva shows how you can create sincere and fabulous content without having to continually sell your soul.
Sarah Anne Lucas AKA Bird on a Bike – shows how a fun, fit and healthy lifestyle forms the springboard of your life and business success.

Julia and JP De Villiers will be sharing with us their peak performance rituals which keep them motivated daily.

Grow and Learn With Our Workshops

Liza Goddard – discover how to highlight your strengths and zoom out of your weaknesses when presenting on film or stage.
Steve Gaskin – how to get the best out of your marketing with the limited resources of a small business.
Joe Gregory – find out how to get the reputation you need to command higher fees and industry respect.
Mark Wentworth – the secrets of how colour, timbre and tone impacts our day to day lives and our business profiles.

Day Timings

8am-9am – Registration
9am-9.30am – Welcome / Opening
9.30am-12.45pm – Speakers
12.45pm-1.45pm – Lunch Break & Networking
1.45pm-2.30pm – Speaker
2.30pm-5pm – Workshops
5pm-5.30pm – Closing Session
5.30pm-6pm – Networking

Tickets and Pricing

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  • Entry to the event
  • Tea, coffee, water and biscuits throughout the day
  • Printed Event Workbook
  • Access to the LadiesThatPlan supportive and fun Facebook Group
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  • All the Gold goodies plus:
  • Reserve VIP seating at the front
  • Hot buffet lunch with the speakers and trainers in dedicated VIP area
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Springboard Super Supporters

Would you like to get involved and support this event with sponsorship, booking an exhibition stand or adding some goodies to the goody bags? Get in touch…

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it women only?
This event is designed for women but gents you are welcome to attend if you wish 🙂
Is there food?
The Gold and VIP tickets include food and drink all day. The Silver tickets include teas/coffees during breaks and there are lots of cafés nearby where you can grab something to eat during the lunch break.
Where is everyone staying?
Many people will be staying at the Novotel hotel, which is just a few minutes away from the venue. For those wishing to join in, we will be organising a get together in the hotel bar on the Thursday and Friday nights to continue the fun 🙂

Isn’t it time you took the leap?

Jump on the Springboard to Success